Drawing from interdisciplinary backgrounds in architecture, landscape architecture, fine arts, horticulture, and the physical sciences, the designers at PROJECT PLANT like to push stylistic boundaries while offering sustainable, ecologically significant, site specific, thoughtful solutions. We understand that every client’s need is different and can adjust our design process according to your eagerness to participate, budget, timeline, and goals. En route to realizing your outdoor space, our design services can vary from an informative discussion on style and material preferences, to a simple conceptual plan for a quaint urban yard, to thorough construction documentation for larger projects and clients willing to dig deep into custom design details.

One of the benefits of working with PROJECT PLANT, is that we will not only design your landscape, we will implement it. We can take care of site preparation including demolition and soil/plant excavation, plant selection and acquirement at the nursery, delivery of materials to the site, soil additions and amendments, planting, carpentry, masonry, as well as irrigation and landscape lighting. We frequently collaborate with artists, artisans, architects, engineers and others offering specialized services to further our design visions. We are always readily available for on-site discussion and implementation regarding detail modifications during the construction process should such a situation occur.

PROJECT PLANT is happy to provide maintenance visits to our clients at their request. We take great pride in crafting our landscapes as they mature and believe long term care is essential to maintaining the integrity of the design. We offer a variety of maintenance plans ranging from frequent visits for a highly manicured look to seasonal visits for bi-annual cleanups. We are also happy to provide you with the education you would need to take care of your own garden through one-on-one hands on sessions or descriptive written maintenance plans. We love our planet and care about the health of our clients, their families, and their pets, and therefore practice organic gardening. We also encourage all of our clients to compost. Don’t think you have enough space? Don’t want to look out your window and see a compost bin? We can integrate custom bins (you’ll never know they’re there, indoor or outdoor) or set you up with a composting pick up program.

Whenever possible we source the materials we use from local growers and suppliers to minimize our carbon footprint. Plant materials grown locally are better adapted to our soils and climate, and generally have superior success rates than those grown elsewhere. Want something special you can’t get your hands on? Let PROJECT PLANT grow it for you. Whether it’s a rare variety of heirloom tomato that caught your eye at the farmer’s market or a clipping of your grandmother’s hydrangea, we can help you propagate it.